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Information About Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery Services

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Bone grafting procedures replenish jawbone quality and quantity to provide support for dental implants and restore facial shape and natural contours.

Our specialists use cutting-edge diagnostics and techniques to treat mild to advanced cases of TMD and address pain and other TMJ-related discomfort.

Ridge preservation is commonly performed following a tooth extraction to maintain this area of the jawbone for future placement of a dental implant.

A sinus lift creates the support necessary for replacing upper teeth with implants by elevating the sinus floor and adding bone grafting material.

Oral cancer, cysts, and other suspicious lesions are diagnosed through biopsies and treated by our surgeons with precision, skill, and great care.

Wisdom teeth extractions may improve oral health by removing third molars that are trapped in gum or bone, infected, or causing damage to other teeth.

Dental implants integrate with the jawbone to replace damaged or missing teeth and bring function, health, and a natural appearance back to the smile.

Our surgeons use advanced diagnostics and specialized care to treat head, neck, and facial pain that results from trauma, accidents, or other factors.

Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) is an advanced technique used to encourage new bone growth in areas of bone grafting and tooth extraction procedures.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy accelerates healing and promotes tissue regeneration during bone grafting, implant surgery, and other procedures.

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