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Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that offers long-term results for your smile. Integrating with the jawbone, dental implants are created to look like natural teeth and restore proper biting and chewing capabilities. Implants are made of titanium or other biocompatible materials that mimic tooth roots by fusing with the jaw and an aesthetic tooth restoration that shows when you smile. Dr. Edward Delgado and Dr. Michael Kuzmik are board-certified oral surgeons who work closely with your restorative dentist to complete implant dentistry procedures.

Replacing missing teeth is important to your smile, health, and general well-being. If dental implants are ideal for your oral health, our surgeons will carefully plan and surgically place dental implants at ideal locations within your jaw. Once these areas have fully healed, your dentist can then restore your smile with a natural-looking implant crown, denture, or bridge. If tooth loss or a damaged tooth that cannot be saved is affecting your life, contact one of our Virginia oral surgery practices for an implant dentistry consultation.

Best Candidates

Thanks to the wide range of benefits implant dentistry provides, many patients choose the option of dental implants for tooth replacement over traditional dentures and bridges. Dental implants can be used to replace any number of teeth, from a single missing tooth to an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. Connecting to titanium posts surgically placed within your jaw, implant crowns, bridges, and dentures function just like real teeth and are customized to meet your unique needs. Dental implants may be right for your oral health if you have lost natural teeth or have decayed or damaged teeth that are beyond repair. However, implants do require healthy gum tissue and a certain amount of bone for long-term success. Even if you have bone loss in your jaw, Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik can perform a bone grafting procedure to increase your candidacy for dental implants. Implant dentistry typically is not recommended if you have certain health conditions, are pregnant, or use tobacco products.

What To Expect

During your dental implant consultation, our team will use our cutting-edge iCAT™ Cone Beam imaging system to take 3-D scans of your jaw. This advanced technology allows Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik to visualize your bone, nerves, and teeth in high detail and plan the best location for your dental implants. The extraction of problematic teeth and any necessary bone grafting procedures will be performed before beginning your implant surgery. If possible, our doctors may extract teeth and place dental implants in one appointment.

To keep you comfortable during your implant surgery, our doctors numb your treatment areas with local anesthetic and can provide sedation dentistry if you prefer. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik use the latest in implant surgery techniques, including guided implant surgery, to ensure the best possible results for your implant procedure. Our team will make a small incision in your gum tissues and then place the titanium implant post in its ideal position within the bone. The gums will then be sutured to cover the implant post or allow a portion to remain exposed in the mouth, depending upon the type of implant you are receiving.

Over the next several months, your implant will be given time to integrate fully with the surrounding bone tissue. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik will monitor your healing process and determine when your implant is ready to be restored. You will then be referred back to your restorative dentist for a custom implant crown, bridge, or denture and to complete your tooth replacement procedure.


After your implant surgery, you may experience minor discomfort and bleeding along with bruising and inflammation in your jaw. We will provide a list of what to expect following your procedure and symptoms that should be reported to our team. Home care instructions on how to care for your mouth and implant sites during the healing phase will be reviewed with you by a member of our team. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik will inform you of any special precautions to take and may issue a prescription for pain medication to help minimize discomfort during your recovery.

Your dental implants can be cared for in the same manner as your natural teeth. Like real teeth, dental implants require daily brushing and flossing along with regular routine cleanings and exams with your general dentist. With proper care, your tooth replacement can offer long-term benefits to your smile.

Insurance Coverage

A portion of your dental implant procedure may be covered by your dental insurance. Before beginning your treatment, our business team will contact your insurance provider and review your list of covered benefits. If you do not have coverage or if you have out-of-pocket expenses, our team is happy to work with you to help make your care affordable. Our practices accept several convenient payment options, including low-interest patient financing through CareCredit®.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for many patients and offer long-term oral health and aesthetic benefits for the smile. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik are happy to explain the entire implant process in detail and answer any questions you might have about the surgical procedure. For more information on the benefits of implants and to learn if this tooth replacement option is right for you, schedule a consultation at one of our Virginia oral surgery practices today.

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