Head, Neck, and Facial Pain in Washington, DC

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Dr. Edward Delgado, Dr. Michael Kuzmik, and our skilled surgical team are dedicated to helping patients lead healthy, comfortable lives through comprehensive oral and maxillofacial care. Head, neck, and facial (orofacial) pain impacts many of our patients and may be brought on by a wide range of factors. Orofacial pain may occur gradually over time or exhibit a rapid onset and can result from an accident, sports injury, systemic health issues, or unknown causes. Common signs and symptoms of orofacial pain include a dull ache or stabbing pain, chronic or acute itching, a burning sensation, or other discomfort in the jaw, head, neck, and facial regions.

As board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik have advanced expertise in the management and treatment of head, neck, and facial pain. Our doctors can work with you to help identify factors that may be contributing to your painful or uncomfortable symptoms. For personalized orofacial care, contact one of our Virginia oral surgery practices today and schedule a consultation.

Best Candidates

We understand that pain or discomfort occurring in your head, neck, or face can be debilitating and negatively impact your quality of life. It is important to have any orofacial injuries or pain evaluated by our team as soon as possible, especially in certain situations. Knocked-out teeth (tooth avulsion), jaw injuries, and oral lacerations all need prompt care in order to maintain your current and future health. Orofacial pain may stem from other types of conditions, such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), burning mouth syndrome, nervous system disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, sleep disorders, and certain medications or environmental factors. During an orofacial pain consultation, our doctors can evaluate your specific condition and symptoms and determine the treatment approach best-suited for your health and comfort.

What to Expect

Our skilled specialists stay on the cutting-edge of diagnostic care and utilize several types of advanced techniques to evaluate your condition and determine the source of your orofacial pain. These diagnostic tools include MRIs, iCAT™ Cone Beam 3-D imaging, and other innovative techniques. Depending on our findings, Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik will customize your treatment plan to best meet your specific needs, diagnosis, symptoms, and condition.

Certain procedures can be performed onsite in one of our surgical suites, such as treatment for minor facial injuries or the reimplantation of a knocked-out tooth. Other types of more extensive care may require treatment in a hospital setting. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik maintain privileges at Reston Hospital to treat patients with facial or jaw trauma and other needs that require more complex or extensive care. As experienced and caring oral surgery specialists, our doctors understand and consider the emotional effect orofacial injuries have on patients. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Kuzmik are able to provide the reconstructive care needed for the long-term preservation of facial appearance and normal oral function.


Following your diagnosis and treatment for your head, neck, or facial pain, our doctors may recommend that you schedule follow-up visits in our practice to assess your progress and re-evaluate any on-going symptoms. As part of your comprehensive care plan, we may collaborate with other specialists and your general dentist to provide the most appropriate treatment solutions to meet your needs. We recommend that you adhere to any instructions provided by our team following your treatment to help manage your orofacial pain, improve your quality of life, and maximize your end results.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your insurance provider and individual plan, certain diagnostic procedures and services for treating orofacial pain may be covered or covered in part. We will contact your insurance provider to review your coverage amounts and determine if there will be any out-of-pocket costs. Our team wants you to receive the pain control care you need and accepts several types of payment methods. For added convenience, we can also provide information on third-party patient financing with CareCredit®.

Relieve the Discomfort

Your health, oral function, comfort, and well-being can all be impacted by chronic or acute orofacial pain. However, our board-certified oral surgeons are here to help diagnose your condition and relieve your discomfort with specialized care. If you are experiencing head, neck, or facial pain, contact one of our Virginia practices today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Delgado or Dr. Kuzmik.

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